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I make surfboards from start to finish


The name Condor Longboards was born as a tie between my Andean origin and the enthusiasm I have for surfing. The Condor is a massive prey bird that glides on the Andes Mountains on infinite ascendant air flows, just as a longboard would trim on a wave. 


I am an engineer by trade who left the computer screen and decided to make the best of my time in Australia absorbing the rich surf culture, tradition and craftmanship, specially the one prior to the well known and exploided designs from the 80's onwards. I havent forgotten my engineering formation, and I see things from a phisics point of view and try to figure out  how forces interact between the wave and the aspects of board design. I make my surfboards simple, taking everything that bothers away and leaving just the necessary to get the best interaction with specific waves. I put a lot of effort in making great glass jobs too. My preferred boards are anything but a white thruster.


For a surfer there are just a few things more satisfying than working on his own board. If you're keen enough, come over and provide input while shaping in Brisbane or if you have your blank ready to be glassed bring it and ill glass it for you. Every surfer should at least make one board to know what’s behind them and value what they ride.


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